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Short Title Catalogue Netherlands (STCN)

The Short-Title Catalogue Netherlands is the Dutch retrospective bibliography for the period up to and including the year 1800; concise descriptions of Dutch (post-)incunabula have also been added. The database is freely available as a scholarly bibliographic research instrument. The ultimate goal is the description of every single book that has been published before 1801 in the Netherlands and all Dutch-language books published abroad. The STCN is compiled on the basis of collections both in the Netherlands and abroad. All books have been described book-in-hand (autopsy).

More information, webexpositions, help texts, and a list of contributing institutions can be found on the STCN website ( Should you wish to contact us about a particular title, please use the email address below. It would be appreciated if you included the record number in your message.

The database contains (early 2021) more than 215,000 titles and over 620,000 copies. Titles are added on a daily basis.

The STCN is being compiled and published by
Koninklijke Bibliotheek
Postbus 90407
2509 LK Den Haag